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Application of WLAN antenna
Before the invention of wireless LAN WLAN, people want to communicate and communication through the network, must first use physical pathways to form a copper wire cable - electronic operation, in order to improve the efficiency and speed, and later invented the fiber. When the network develops to a certain scale, it is also found that the cable network construction, both the re layout and renovation or disassembly on the basis of the original, it is very difficult, and the cost and the price is very high, so the network came into being WLAN.
Wireless local area network, English full name: Wireless Local Area Networks; abbreviated as: WLAN. It is very convenient data transmission system, which uses radio (Radio Frequency; RF) technology, the use of electromagnetic wave, replacing the old copper twisted pair (Coaxial) stand in the way of local area network, the connection in the air, makes the wireless local area network with simple architecture which allows users to access it, reach the "ideal state information portable and convenient to take the world".

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